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Raising up Little Warriors for Jesus!

Here at TK we believe our job is to raise up strong children in the Lord who will come to know Jesus at a young age in a deep and personal way through encountering His presence and experiencing His love and power in their lives. Our goal is to establish the unshakeable foundation of Christ in each child’s heart so that as they grow up they will continue to walk with the Lord, fulfill God’s calling on their life, and be a carrier of revival in this world! We aim to accomplish this in our TK Children’s Church by creating an environment for the Holy Spirit to move freely and the kids can encounter God’s presence through times of intimate worship, biblical teaching, hands-on learning activities, and group and individual prayer.

During the Children’s worship time, we create an atmosphere where the children can open up their hearts to the Lord and receive from Him and build their intimacy with Him. After this, we go deep in

the word and foundational principles of the Bible through a Bethel church-based curriculum that teaches the kids about seeking first the kingdom of God and what that looks like in their personal lives. Our amazing children’s leaders also incorporate crafts and activities along with the lesson that allows the children to learn in a hands-on and visual way to more fully grasp each biblical truth. We also incorporate times for the kid’s leaders to pray over the needs of each individual child, as well as have group prayer sessions where the children get the opportunity to pray for one another and activate their gifts, and learn how to love and minister to each other in a safe environment.

Our children’s groups are below:

Nursery Ages 0-24 months: Available throughout the whole service from 10am-12:30pm

2-5 Year old group: Available throughout the whole service from 10am-12:30pm. 

6-12 years old Group– This Group starts after worship around 11am. We believe kids should be a part of worship with their parents and will grow from watching the examples of those around them. They will also experience the powerful presence of God in the corporate anointing. After worship, we dismiss the kids to attend the Children’s Service,  where they can learn life-changing biblical truths and stories, taught at a level they can engage with. 

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(619) 415-9143

Sunday Service Time:
10:00AM & 5:00PM

930-1012 Derby St., San Diego, CA 92114