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Next Fire Academy Class starts August, 1st 2023

The Fire Academy:

Our Vision at Tsidkenu Fire Academy is to raise up thousands of ON FIRE disciples of Christ who know how to operate in God’s power and minister effectively to others through healing, prophecy, deliverance, salvation, baptizing in Holy Spirit and Tongues, etc. Our heart is that these warriors ALSO, walk in the key principles of their identity in Christ as sons of God and have a genuine relationship with Jesus and Holy Spirit. Avoiding all performance mentality! We do this through Biblical teaching as well as through required hands-on training,  through street outreaches to the homeless and many other tools and practices all over Southern California, Mexico and in the marketplace!

This school will teach you how to walk in incredible power and how to become a world-changing evangelist and disciple of Jesus! We only bring in teachers who know how to walk in their Identity as sons of God, live a lifestyle of evangelizing to the lost, and move in the love and power of God in their own personal lives. So everything that is taught in Fire Academy comes from those who are actively and daily involved in bringing the kingdom to earth and gathering the harvest! One of our head teachers, Art Montgomery, has led over 500,000 souls to Jesus and seen thousands healed and delivered. He has traveled the world for 35 years doing ministry crusades and outreaches. Our other head Teacher, Ben Wisan, has helped activate thousands of people to move in the power of God and personally seen hundreds of people healed and saved on the streets and in the marketplace, all through the power of Jesus Christ!​

What is our Focus?

We are one of the few schools in the world with a strong focus on hands-on Training and Activation by requiring our students to practice what they are learning on the streets and in the marketplace. The goal of this school is the full equipping of the saints! Up to this point, through our many

conferences, crusades, and mission trips, we have been able to activate over two thousand people to walk out the power that is already inside of them in healing, deliverance, prophecy and all the gifts! If you want to grow in your confidence, faith, and ability to minister healing and gifts of the Spirit to those in need, or just want to go deeper with God, this school is for you!

Our goal is to teach incoming students how to walk in a deep relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in son-ship and in the full power and love that we were made to walk in as a Mark 16 disciple of Jesus! This school will change your life! Details!


We wanted to keep the school in a shorter time frame because we don’t believe you need a long time to learn these fundamental principles and see the personal transformation and change the world! Jesus sent out the 70 after just being with him a short time and they came back raising the dead, casting out demons and saving the lost! You will too!!

The Fire Academy is 18 weeks long. Our first school of the year starts February 9th and ends early in June. The second school starts August 9th and ends early December. The required classes are held weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm. One outreach per week is also required, there are three options for this: Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Each week has a different topic and focus.

The class includes: 

Activation, teaching and hands-on discipleship in: healing, casting out demons, word of wisdom/knowledge, teqniques and tips on evangelism training, baptizing in Holy Spirit, how to deepen your quite time, growing in character, a 1-on-1 deliverence. 2 weekly classes and one outreach, class books, Fire Academy Textbooks.

The we wish to do it for free, we have found that most people only value and stay consistent with what costs them something, probably why Jesus asked His disciples for everything to follow Him. “Jesus said to him, “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.” Matthew 19:21.

Our cost per student is $450. The fee covers only books, building and class expenses for the 4.5 months. The teachers have chosen not to receive compensation but give freely of their time out of love and service to the Lord.

After the Completion of Fire Academy, each student will receive a Ministry School of Fire Certificate of completion and will be able to join and help lead Church Tsidkenu mission trips and local outreaches and go around changing the world and activating churches, countries, and cities with us!

Teachers: Art Montgomery, Ben Wisan, and other TK Leaders, FA Alumni, and Guest Ministers.

Please fill out application and let’s get you moving on your way! If you have questions, email 

or call: 619-415-9143


Service Times:

Main Service 10:00 am

Men and Women’s
Bible Studies 6:30 pm

Fire Nights 6:30 pm


(Google Maps: 1600 Vacation Rd.)

(Apple Maps: 3099 Ingraham St.)